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2017 SC Tour de Cure

Local News & FAQ 


I see this ride has a fundraising minimum. Can I still ride if I don’t raise that amount? 

The purpose of the Tour de Cure is to raise funds to stop diabetes. Everyone must meet or surpass their individual fundraising minimum in order to participate. Fundraising is actually very easy if you use the tools we have provided for you (online Tour Center, Facebook App, Mobile Phone App, sample letters, etc.). If you are having trouble fundraising, make sure to contact us with plenty of time before the ride so we can help you surpass your goal!

What are the fundraising minimums? 

Each rider must raise a minimum of $200 to ride. Family Fun Ride/Walk there is not minimum required but we encourage fundraising.  Children riding anything other than the Family Fun Ride that are 12 and under must raise a minimum of $25.

I tried to register my child/family ride/walk online and it says they have to raise the $200 minimum. What do I do? 

Because we are using national software that is used for all 90 Tours across the country, and because the child/family ride/walk fundraising minimum is something that only applies to the South Carolina ride, we are not able to change how this appears online. Just ignore it. As long as you have entered your child’s information in the registration section, including their birth date, we know their age. If they are 12 or under and riding any route above the Family Fun Ride/Walk, they will only have to have $25 to their name in order to participate.

My family is riding with me and we are nervous about fundraising. Can we do group fundraising? 

Yes, you can certainly fundraise together and we are happy to help you with ideas and support. However, each person must have their fundraising minimum in their name prior to the event (if required).

I registered to ride and now I have a conflict. Can you cancel my registration? Do I still have to fundraise? Your registration will remain active on our website to allow you to continue fundraising for our important mission to stop diabetes. Your registration fee cannot be refunded or transferred. However, you can participate as a virtual rider, surpass your fundraising minimum, and still receive the gear and swag you have earned while helping us stop diabetes.


I want to start a team. How do the team fundraising goals work? 

The team fundraising goal is something your team is striving for. It is in no way binding. Set it high and strive for it! What matters for ride eligibility is that riders each achieve the fundraising minimum as individuals in order to participate. So if your team strives for $10,000 and only raises $9,500, that is ok. Riders who each raised the individual fundraising minimum are still riding with us! This way, if you have one person on the team who doesn’t meet the individual minimum, it doesn’t keep the whole team from riding. And remember, goals are different than minimums.  If you set a goal of $1000 as an individual and only raise $500, you are still participating – the minimums are for individuals, are fixed based on age and are listed above ($200 ages 13+, $25 kids pedaling through age 12, Family Fun Ride/Walk No minimum required for all ages).

Why be a part of a team if the fundraising minimums are individual?

Teams are more fun! They compete for incentives, they can earn team tents to hang out in during the party on event day and much more. Many teams do extra things like team training rides, team shirts or jerseys, and team fundraising. Corporate teams are a great way to create camaraderie among employees while getting healthy and creating a presence in the community.

Can my corporate team include more than employees? YES! Invite employees, family, friends, clients, vendors, etc. The team is for everyone connected to your company in some way.

Thank You Gifts  

When will I be able to order my Thank You Gift? Thank you gifts are sent out after the ride. Everyone has until the end June 2017 to raise funds that apply towards Thank You Gifts. ADA staff will email you your certificate number and authorization code in early July, along with instructions on how to order your gift.


Can I change my route choice? 

Yes! You can change your route at any time, even on event day. If you decide to change your route before event day, please notify us by emailing Christina Bickley at This helps us prepare for appropriate supplies at rest stops. Otherwise, you can make a game day decision on event day.

Are the routes available online? We are still in the process of creating our 2016 updated routes. Once they are approved we will be posting sample maps online.

Offline Donations (Cash, Checks, Matching Gifts)

I sent in offline donations (checks, cash, matching gift forms) to the office but they haven’t posted to my name online yet. Why? The ADA uses a different software for online donations (what you see) and our “mothership” accounting system. In order for your offline gifts to appear online where you would see them, you must enter them manually in your Tour Center. Please feel free to contact if you would like detailed instructions.

Red Riders/Striders

I am a Red Rider (rider with diabetes). How and when do I get my jersey? Red Riders are given their Red Rider jerseys at early packet pickup the Friday before the event or at the Red Rider Tent the morning of the event. The sizing is based on your jersey size that you selected during registration.

I am a Red Strider (walker with diabetes) What do I get if am a walker? Red Striders are given their Red Strider hat at early packet pickup the Friday before the event or at the Red Strider Tent the morning of the event. 

I have prediabetes. Will I get a Red Rider jersey or Red Strider hat? No. Red Rider jerseys and Red Strider hats are only for people who ride or walk with diabetes. As a person with prediabetes, you are doing a great job of trying to prevent diabetes by riding your bike with us – thank you! 

Where can I meet other Red Riders & Red Striders? If you are not a part of a team, we encourage you to join Team Red SC. Team Red SC is a team for all people who are passionate about stopping diabetes and don’t have a team already. Your friends and family are welcome to join you on this team. If you want to join Team Red, please email Christina Bickley at

Another great place for all Red Riders, regardless of team status, to network is in the Red Rider Tent on event day. It will be located near the finish line.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your local contact:  

Name: Christina Bickley  
Phone: (803) 799-4246 x3291


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