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2017 Hampton Roads, VA Tour de Cure

Route and Event Info


All Tour de Cure route options are designed with your safety and enjoyment in mind. Choose your distance and know that every mile helps make a difference. Whether short or long, each route is fully supported with rest stops, SAG vehicles and morel.

Our Tour de Cure event has its own character and style—from a unique starting point to the gorgeous local scenery and so much more!  No matter what route you choose you'll enjoy a fun day at this event for such a great cause.

For the 2017 Hampton Roads Tour de Cure, we have four routes available for your riding enjoyment!



10-Mile Route

Cue Sheet GPS File

The 10-mile route offers a great experience for the casual cyclist wanting to enjoy an afternoon out around the local Suffolk neighborhoods.  No fancy gear here, bring out your townies, your beach bikes and make sure you're sporting a helmet!  Even the shorter route option includes beautiful scenery, including local waterways and quiet forested neighborhoods.

Similar to the 2016 course, it is an out and back ride to the Albert G Horton, Jr Memorial Veterans Cemetary off Lake Prince Dr and Milners Rd.

Check-In @ 11:00AM

Starts @ 12:00PM

Ends @ 2:30PM

10-mile route map

25-Mile Route

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Wanting to go a little farther than your mother would have allowed you to go when you were a kid?  Now's your chance!  The 25-mile route gives beginner road cyclists a challenge with all the added benefits of a fully-supported ride.  With 3 stops along the route, you will have plenty of opportunities to rest and get some snacks to remain energized throughout your ride.

The 25-mile route is similar to 2016 and features an out and back route to Woodland United Methodist Church off of Orbit Rd and Woodland Dr.

Check-In @ 9:30AM

Start Time @ 10:30AM

Ends @ 3:00PM

25-mile route map

65-Mile Route

Cue Sheet GPS File

Now comes the bread and butter of any true cyclist who has been putting in the miles!  The 65-mile route is a perfect way to enjoy a bit of endurance, all while getting to stay with your teammates who will be doing the 100-mile route.  The 65-mile route stays with the century riders for 96% of the route!  What a great way to spend the day with your team!

New for 2017, the 65-mile route will explore the Isle of Wight region, stopping at 6 rest stops along the way, including Oakland Elementary School, which provides an indoor stop with indoor restrooms too!

Check-In @ 6:00AM

Start @ 7:30AM

Ends @ 4:30PM

65-mile route map

100-Mile Route

Cue Sheet GPS File

Our always popular 100-Mile Route is new for 2017!  Combining the best of both worlds from past years, the 2017 course will include a loop around Isle of Wight before an indoor lunch stop at Oakland Elementary School at mile 57.  The route will then take you south into a loop of Western Suffolk before returning to your Start/Finish area at King's Fork High School.

This route has it all!  Flat, fast regions of open farmland and covered forests; rolling hills that will challenge any flatland rider, all while providing the thrill of a short, quick decent.  A true test of your cycling endurance, fully stocked and supported along the way with 9 rest stops!

Check-In @ 6:00AM

Start @ 7:30AM

Ends @ 4:30PM

100-mile route map





Local Bike Shops - Maintenance and Training Ride Schedules


Check out area local bike shops for all your maintenance and fit needs before the 2017 Tour de Cure!  In need of a group to train with to get in those miles and stay motivated over the colder months?  Check out local shop rides in the region!  For other shops nearest you, reach out to them and see what regularly scheduled shop rides take place.


 BikeBeat Webpage Logo

Bike Beat Virginia Beach provides sales, parts and maintenance to keep your legs strong through the winter!  Shop rides go out at Saturday @ 7:15AM.  Expect a grueling A+ pace ride with around 50 miles of riding.


Conte's Webpage Logo

Conte's Bikes in Virginia Beach also provides sales, parts and maintance to keep your steed in top shape.  Shop rides roll out on Saturday @ 7:15AM for the first loop and 8:30AM for the second and third loops.  Multiple pace groups allow for multiple disciplines of riders.  Sunday's ride rolls out @ 8:30AM.  A to A+ pace totaling around 60 miles.


Cycle Classics Webpage Logo

Cycle Classics in Portsmouth is your go to shop in Olde Towne for getting your bike winterized for the upcoming colder months!




Fat Frogs Webpage Logo

Fat Frogs in Virginia Beach supplies sales, parts and maintenance to help you pour on the miles.  With group rides going out daily at 7:15am and multiple pace groups each day, you'll be able to find like-minded riders out to enjoy a ride in the Pungo Loop area of Virginia Beach.


Gonzo Gears Webpage Logo

No way to get your ride to a shop for some much needed repairs?  Give Gonzo Gears a ring and they'll come to you!  Or you can schedule an appointment to drop your bike off and get those gears shifting smoothly again.




Performance Bike Webpage Logo

Performance Bike Virginia Beach is a great location for cyclists new to group rides and want to focus on skills.  Performance sells bikes, parts and maintenance to keep you looking forward to learning more!  Saturday's group ride leaves @ 9AM and is a 12-15mph, no-drop, beginner ride.  Sunday's group ride leaves @ 9:30AM and is a 16+ mph, no-drop ride with beginner and intermediate pace groups.


SCAT Bikes Webpage Logo

SCAT Bikes, located in Portsmouth, is your hub for great sales, friendly service, access to parts and maintenance programs.  Group rides at SCAT is on an email list, so give them a call and add your name to the list for notifications about weekly group rides in the Portsmouth area!


Thank You to Our Sponsors!


Our National Sponsors

Primal Wear

© 2017 American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association is the nation's leading 501(C)3 nonprofit charity providing diabetes research, information and advocacy.

Tour de Cure is the premier cycling fundraising event of the American Diabetes Association and the nation’s largest diabetes cycling event. This event is a unique opportunity for businesses, clubs, friends and families to come together to form teams with the vision of a life free of diabetes and all its burdens

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