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For the diagnosed, diabetes can affect every decision – what to eat, wear, do and other decisions about how they'll take care of themselves. Yet the 24/7 burden of diabetes management is often misunderstood.

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Diagnosed. Blamed. Shamed. Awakened.

If the physical, emotional, and financial burden aren’t taxing enough, the unwarranted social stigma is. Think you know the realities of diabetes? Check your assumptions learn the top misconceptions about Diabetes

When you lose someone to diabetes, you carry their story forward.

Watch why actor Winston Duke is making diabetes awareness his priority. The first step is knowing your risk. Take the ADA Risk Test

The type that binds.

Managing diabetes for himself—and now for his four-year-old daughter. Diabetes draws them closer. Start a new conversation, learns the early signs for diabetes

The burden can be more than the disease

The cost of health care for those with diabetes is 2.3x greater than those without diabetes. That’s my family’s everyday reality. Become an advocate

Who has time for diabetes?

Mother of 2. Expecting number 3. Then add diabetes to the list.


The everyday reality for the millions of Americans living with diabetes should be heard. Share your #EverydayReality.

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