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There is an elite group of women fundraisers who participate in the Tour de Cure Women’s Series. Women who raise $1,000 or more become Champions to Stop Diabetes. They are committed to doing everything they can to Stop Diabetes and are truly the backbone of our fundraising efforts.

When you set a goal to become a Champion, ADA staff will not only do everything they can to help you achieve your goal, but they'll recognize and encourage you along the way! The ADA staff is committed to helping you join the Champions Club!


You too can join the ranks of this important group of women!

  1. If you haven't registered yet, do that first!
  2. Set your goal at $1,000 or more. Remember, ADA will help you achieve your goal by working with you one-one-one and providing you with tips on how to use our online fundraising tools.
  3. Tell everyone you know you are striving to be a "Champion to Stop Diabetes" and that you need their support. You can even use pre-written email templates in your Tour Center that asks others to help you become a Champion!
  4. Thank your donors, ask others to support you, and watch your thermometer grow!
  5. Celebrate becoming a Champion to Stop Diabetes and enjoy the special recognition and perks only Champions receive.
Contact your local office if you have questions or to find out more about how they support and recognize Champions in your city!

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Our National Sponsors

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