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Team Red

TEAM RED is for Red Riders (women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes), their family, friends and anyone else who is looking to join with millions of others that want to Stop Diabetes! Any rider who isn't already on another team can join Team Red.

AND BEING ON TEAM RED MEANS... that you will instantly be a part of a community made up of women from all different areas and walks of life. Team Red is a great way to connect with other Red Rider women and other women without diabetes who are honoring a loved one with diabetes.

CAN OTHERS WITHOUT DIABETES JOIN TEAM RED? YES! You (and those that support you) can join Team Red, which again is made up of Red Riders AND those who support Red Riders. This is a team for anyone who doesn't already have a team. When you register, simply click on JOIN A TEAM and then choose Team Red.

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Our National Sponsors

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