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Training Tips

Arrive With Bells On

One of the greatest things about riding in the Tour de Cure Women's Series is the opportunity to train and get in shape. Whether you're a new rider getting ready to ride just a few miles for the first time or you've decided to challenge yourself and ride a metric century, we offer routes and training plans for every type of rider. Online you'll find special training plans designed with you in mind. We've created 12-week plans which will allow you to work up to your designated distance in a reasonable time frame. Plus we guarantee you'll have fun doing it! To view our training plans you must be registered as a rider. Once you are registered, simply login to your Tour Center and click on the Training tab for details.

Basic Training Tips

  • When you start to train it's better to train with frequency and not necessarily distance...that is, until you've gotten some miles under your belt.

  • If you have diabetes it's always good to bring testing supplies with you so you can check your blood sugar mid-ride.

  • Stay hydrated! Always carry at least one or two full water bottles with you when you set out for a training ride.

  • Fuel your fire! Just like an engine can't run without gas, your body can't run without fuel so be sure to bring some healthy snacks with you if you're going to be riding longer than ten miles.

  • When you get done with a ride top off your tank with a snack that has a good balance of protein and carbohydrates. It will help your muscles recover faster and you'll feel less sore the next day, plus it will help restore some of the calories you burned working out.

  • Learn some basic stretches and use them after every training ride. Flexibility is so important and stretching after exercise will lower your risk for injury.

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